Reggie Fils-Aime speaking at Cornell

As you’ve probably seen in recent emails, Cornell alumnus and Nintendo of North America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime will be speaking at Cornell on Nintendo’s success with the Wii, sponsored by CIS and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (his college). You will need to register online though in order to attend! Be sure to do so! Details below:

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Meeting at 5:30 tonight

Just a note… the DGA planning meeting is moved back to 5:30 tonight so that we can discuss the EA visit later in October with Professor White.


That’s right! Don’t go and buy your copy of Halo 3 just yet… come and win it instead! We’ll be holding a free-for-all tournament where the first prize will be your very own copy of this incredible game! Even if you’ve already bought it (and we know many of you have), you can win other 360 games like Gears of War and Forza Motorsport 2. And, on top of that, there’ll be free pizza courtesy of Microsoft. So join us this Friday for a frag-tastic event!

Place: Olin Hall, room 255 (auditorium)
Date: THIS FRIDAY, September 28th
Time: 5 PM

See you there!


PS: Allow me to reiterate: FREE PIZZA! 

WHY GAMES? Topic Discussion at next Game Dev Meeting

Hello again all,

Just to let  you know, tomorrow’s Game Development Meeting (5:30 PM on Tuesday in CL3 in Uris Library) will be a THEMED DISCUSSION! YAY! That’s right, so we won’t just be reviewing our games this time. Instead, I’ve prepared a little sheet that asks us what it is about games that we like. Why do we like to play them? Why do we make them? Why is the sky blue? Which came first, the chocobo or the egg? These and many other issues shall be debated and the answers recorded as eternal truths! Or maybe not. But I hope we get a great talk going. Here’s the topic discussion sheet. Hope to see you there!

9.18 Minutes Are Up

For details on planning for the Halo 3 launch event (sorry, no more Guilty Gear Accent Core!), check them out on the Meeting Minutes page. Current plan is to hold it on Friday, September 28th on Central Campus. Final location still TBD!

Student Games for Fall 2007

That’s right… you now can check the Student Games page to check on what games are being made this semester at Cornell. If you see one you like, be sure to drop by the Game Development Meetings (as of today, being held at 5:30 PM on Tuesdays in CL3) to talk to the group and possibly join the project! Best of luck to all the projects this semester!


Activision wants Cornell grads!

That’s right! Another of the biggest game publishers in the US is looking to hire students from Cornell! They’ve created great games, such at the Call of Duty series, Spider-Man, the Tony Hawk series, and others. Although they seem primarily interested in programmers, they will likely be open to taking applications from any major. To apply, go to, click on the North American region, click “Careers”, and browse the open positions. Activision will then be visiting later this semester or next in order to interview those who have applied online.


David Schwartz Farewell

Attention all GDIAC veterans! There will be a farewell gathering for Professor David Schwartz, the founder and, previously, the director of the Game Design Initiative at Cornell on this coming Monday! His constant work to establish and promote GDIAC created a tremendous opportunity for students to organize and create games at Cornell. Please join us in wishing Professor Schwartz well in his new role as a leader in the digital games program at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Location: 4th floor atrium of Upson Hall
Time: 2 PM, September 17th

9.11.2007 Planning Meeting Minutes available

Yep, they’re here. Hot and fresh from my computer’s silicon circuits to yours. Main points are a rampup in planning for Competitive Games Night/Halo 3/Guilty Gear XX Accent Core launch event, as well as advertising starting up for Game Development Meetings. Lots of little stuff too. Enjoy!

9.11.2007 Minutes

DGA Meeting: 9.11.2007

Huzzah to the max,

The DGA has been allowed to meet in the CL3 Lab in Uris Library for the coming semester. As such, you can join us at the next planning meeting at 5 PM this Tuesday there. Alternatively, come at 5:30, when we’ll switch over to a game development/design talk. We’ll be advertising the latter part of our meetings soon, probably this coming week, so stay tuned!

-Ben, aka CloudStrifeNBHM