Insomniac Info session this Thursday!

Insomniac Games is coming to Cornell!

Come hear about what it’s like to work at the award-winning studio in Burbank, CA that make the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance: Fall of Man series of games! Consistently rated as one of the top ten small companies to work for in America, Insomniac employees have a great time making hit games! Company representatives will be on hand for a technical talk and to answer any questions you may have. They are currently hiring, so be sure to bring your resume if you’re a senior! You can learn more about Insomniac Games at their website, Be sure not to miss this great event!

Where: Upson 205
When: THIS THURSDAY, May 1st, 4:00 PM


Meeting Time Change!

Hi all,

Due to a few requests, we’re going to try having the weekly DGA planning meeting at 4:30 PM for awhile (pushed up by 1 hour). Hope you can make it to the new time!


Double Events this weekend: Noyes Gaming and Relay for Life Halo 3 Tournament!

Hi all,

The DGA is proud to bring you not one, but two excellent gaming socials this coming weekend! Here are the details:

Noyes Community Center Gaming:
First week back from break got you tired? How about some Halo 3, Wii Sports, ROCK BAND, and Super Smash Brothers: Brawl to bring back the fun side of life? There will be food and games at the Noyes Community Recreation Center, with the games being played on the flatscreens throughout the building. Come join the fun and mix with your fellow Cornell gamers!
Where: NCRC on West Campus
When: This Friday, March 28th, from 8 PM - 10:30 PM

HALO 3 Tournament at Relay For Life:
Enjoy showing up your friends at the last Halo 3 tournament? Here’s your chance to do it again and win some great prizes! The DGA will be running a Halo 3 tournament at the upcoming Cornell Relay For Life! Join us for a night of fragging, and learn about the Relay while you’re there! The entrance fee is only $3 per person, so what have you got to lose? Finish the fight all over again!
Where: Barton Hall
When: This Saturday - Sunday, March 29th - 30th, from Midnight - ???

Hope to see you at these two great events!


Jason Rohrer at NYU (EDIT: April 11th)

Hi all,

So if you’re into the “games as art” scene much, you may have heard of the game Passasge. It’s an effort to use game mechanics as a way to communicate the stages of life. It’s made by a guy named Jason Rohrer, who has recently come out with another “art” game as well. Check it out if you’re interested.

Now, I can’t confirm this via other sources (though Jonathan Blow has quoted the Game Design Advance post), but apparently he’ll be speaking at the NYU Tisch building EDIT: APRIL 11 at 1 PM. If you’re heading out a bit early for Spring Break you might want to stop in to meet him and hear his thoughts on making games. Enjoy!


EDIT: Sorry all for the incorrect date! The talk will be April 11th, it seems.

Bungie Info Session on 3/10!!!

Bungie Logo Halo 3 Logo

That’s right… Bungie (the studio that made the Halo series) is coming to Cornell. Sponsored by Tau Beta Pi, they’ll be giving an info session on what it’s like to be a game studio at the top of their game! Be sure to attend if you’re looking for a game industry job, interested in the company, or, you know, if you just LOVE Halo! There’ll be pizza, drinks, and a game raffle!

When? Monday, March 10th, from 5:30 to 7 PM
Where? Upson B17

Talk Description:
Description: Videogames like Halo 3 are more than just fun and games! They involve some tough problems and some hardcore engineering solutions. Bungie Studios of Seattle, WA, will be coming to campus to talk about just how much work gets packed into every frame of every second of play: from the physical models underlying the lighting and illumination of complex scenes, to realistic atmospheric models, to physics simulation, animation and AI. A modern game like Halo 3 is put together by a large and immensely talented team of artists, designers and engineers. Come learn how we did it, and see how you could be a part of that team too.

CS 280 Post Prelim Party!

Where: Olin 145
When: Tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 4th), starting at 8:30 PM
Who: All gamers, CS majors, and (of course), the students of CS 280

In conjunction with the ACSU, we’re putting on a post-prelim party tomorrow night in Olin 145! While the poor students who will be taking the prelim are those in the CS 280 class, all gamers, CS majors, and those in CS classes are invited to attend! What better a way to relax and chill with your peers than with plenty of free pizza and lots of games like Wii Sports and Halo 3? Hope to see you there!

No meeting on Tuesday

Due to prelim schedule conflicts, there will be no DGA planning meeting on this coming Tuesday (February 19th).

Welcome back, to the Stage of History!

Hello, fellow Cornell gamers!

The DGA site is back on a new server at a new location (New, I say! NEW!):

Don’t mind us as we fancy up the new place. Be sure to check here for all the latest info on video games at Cornell (both playing and making!). If you’re an RSS type, you can add to you’re reader to keep up to date. Happy gaming!


GDC Cost Estimate

Hi all,

If you’re interested in attending the Game Developers Conference in February, then you might want to take a look at the following Excel sheet:

GDC Cost Estimate (Excel format)

To summarize, you’ll likely spend a minimum of about $800 if you volunteer (giving you a free conference pass), stay outside San Francisco (for cheaper hotels), and overall keep spending to a minimum. The amount can grow from there based on your spending choices. Best of luck deciding if GDC is for you!



Hi all,

Just a notification that the DGA Weekly Meeting time is moved back half an hour to 5:30 PM now rather than 5:00 PM. Same place and day though (CL3 Lab in Uris Library and Tuesdays, respectively).