9.11.2007 Planning Meeting Minutes available

Yep, they’re here. Hot and fresh from my computer’s silicon circuits to yours. Main points are a rampup in planning for Competitive Games Night/Halo 3/Guilty Gear XX Accent Core launch event, as well as advertising starting up for Game Development Meetings. Lots of little stuff too. Enjoy!
9.11.2007 Minutes

DGA Meeting: 9.11.2007

Huzzah to the max,
The DGA has been allowed to meet in the CL3 Lab in Uris Library for the coming semester. As such, you can join us at the next planning meeting at 5 PM this Tuesday there. Alternatively, come at 5:30, when we’ll switch over to a game development/design talk. We’ll be advertising the [...]

9.4 Meeting minutes now available

Of note, there is talk of a “Competitive Games Night” with Halo 3, Guilty Gear, and possibly other fighting games on Wednesday, September 26th. Also discussing previous issues. Minutes available here.

9.4 DGA Meeting

The DGA meeting set for tomorrow at 5 PM will be in 455 Rhodes Hall, as we are still working to obtain a permanent meeting location.

Michael Mateas visit on Thursday

Just a reminder: Michael Mateas, an Assistant Professor of CS at UC Santa Cruz, will be giving a talk on “expressive AI” as part of the Cornell CS department’s Colloquium. He is at the forefront of research into how to create realistic and meaningful characters in video games and other applications. As real-time graphical innovations [...]

DGA Meetings for Fall 2007

Hi all,
If you’re looking to learn what the DGA will be doing this coming semester, then be sure to drop in on our first meeting for the fall! We’ve moved the meeting time from Monday at 5:30 PM to Tuesday at 5:00 PM, so mark your calendar. We’ll be discussing our goal for keeping game [...]

Fall 2007 is coming!

The site’s been getting minor information updates as summer moves right along. As GDIAC is changing for the coming semester, the DGA is looking to help keep game design healthy at Cornell. This coming fall, here’s what we’re hoping to have coming for you:
Rhythm Games Club + Wii!: We’ll be keeping up the Wii station [...]

A Summer Approaches, Command?

Those of us who are lucky enough to not have final exams can sit back and laugh. Exam season has begun, and with it, the pain and anguish of 12,000 people can be felt throughout the campus.
Ah pain. Ah anguish.
Soon to come is the summer with its various opportunities for misdeeds. On [...]

Web Updates

The main site now has several links. You can see them on the sidebar on the right. If you’re interested in what is going on at the DGA Monday night meetings, go to the “Meeting Notes” page.

Welcome to the DGA

This is the brand new home page for the Digital Gaming Alliance at Cornell University. As you can see it is still under heavy construction. The main part of the website should be re-themed and fully operational very soon.
Until then, you can check in on current DGA happenings on the DGA Forums.
See you there!