Insomniac Info session this Thursday!

Insomniac Games is coming to Cornell!
Come hear about what it’s like to work at the award-winning studio in Burbank, CA that make the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance: Fall of Man series of games! Consistently rated as one of the top ten small companies to work for in America, Insomniac employees have a great time [...]

Bungie Info Session on 3/10!!!

That’s right… Bungie (the studio that made the Halo series) is coming to Cornell. Sponsored by Tau Beta Pi, they’ll be giving an info session on what it’s like to be a game studio at the top of their game! Be sure to attend if you’re looking [...]

CS 280 Post Prelim Party!

Where: Olin 145
When: Tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 4th), starting at 8:30 PM
Who: All gamers, CS majors, and (of course), the students of CS 280
In conjunction with the ACSU, we’re putting on a post-prelim party tomorrow night in Olin 145! While the poor students who will be taking the prelim are those in the CS 280 [...]


That’s right! Don’t go and buy your copy of Halo 3 just yet… come and win it instead! We’ll be holding a free-for-all tournament where the first prize will be your very own copy of this incredible game! Even if you’ve already bought it (and we know many of you have), you can win other [...]