Reminder: DGA Planning Meeting on 11.5.2008

Here’s your biweekly reminder of our DGA Planning Meeting. Normal time, normal place: CL3 Lab in Uris Library. Hope to see you there!

Welcome back for Fall 2008!

Hello all,
Yes, it’s that time once again! School is starting, temperatures are falling, and your friendly neighborhood DGA is back in business. Here’s a few exciting announcements to start things off:

We have a new visual look for our site! Nothing fancy, but it beats the default WordPress layout, right ? Still waiting on [...]

Welcome back, to the Stage of History!

Hello, fellow Cornell gamers!
The DGA site is back on a new server at a new location (New, I say! NEW!):
Don’t mind us as we fancy up the new place. Be sure to check here for all the latest info on video games at Cornell (both playing and making!). If you’re an RSS type, you can [...]


That’s right! Don’t go and buy your copy of Halo 3 just yet… come and win it instead! We’ll be holding a free-for-all tournament where the first prize will be your very own copy of this incredible game! Even if you’ve already bought it (and we know many of you have), you can win other [...]

David Schwartz Farewell

Attention all GDIAC veterans! There will be a farewell gathering for Professor David Schwartz, the founder and, previously, the director of the Game Design Initiative at Cornell on this coming Monday! His constant work to establish and promote GDIAC created a tremendous opportunity for students to organize and create games at Cornell. Please join [...]

Forums Reborn

So after a quiet funeral for the old forum, I worked tirefully to recreate the boards, bigger, badder, and with more attitude than ever. Hop on over to to keep up to date with the discussion within DGA.
Or spambots will infiltrate us once again. Either way my blood must be shed.

8.28.2007 Minutes available

Looking for the nitty gritty on what happened at meeting the 1st for Fall 2007? I’ve got it for ya right here: DGA 8.29.2007 Meeting Minutes

Forums locked

Ok, so sorry to lock them for now, but there’s too many spam-bots attacking the phpBB forums. We’re looking into ways to correct this issue ASAP. Until then, feel free to comment on News entries if you have a suggestion or something to say to the DGA.
-Ben (aka CloudStrifeNBHM)