The Digital Gaming Alliance (DGA) is a student run outgrowth of the Game Development Initiative at Cornell (GDIAC) designed to organize and build upon the burgeoning field of digital gaming at Cornell University. It was founded in 2006 to serve as an umbrella organization for the various digital-gaming related student groups at Cornell.

The DGA organizes activities promoting digital gaming at Cornell for both serious gamers and non-gamers alike, in an effort to foster a dynamic community of gamers. Throughout the school year the club sponsors several special events and holds weekly planning meetings. Past events have included industry speakers, company info sessions, and product launch parties.

The DGA works closely with GDIAC to promote student-centric game development opportunities at Cornell, especially for those students in fields traditionally unrelated to gaming. In addition to raising awareness about the GDIAC courses, the DGA also seeks to offer opportunities for all Cornellians to explore the world of game design. The club is committed to creating an online presence that will not only inform members of digital gaming activity on campus, but help them learn more about the wider game development industry.

The DGA ultimately aims to serve as a network to connect and foster ties between faculty, students, alumni, and the greater Ithaca community through gaming, both when playing and developing them.

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