Welcome back for Fall 2008!

Hello all,

Yes, it’s that time once again! School is starting, temperatures are falling, and your friendly neighborhood DGA is back in business. Here’s a few exciting announcements to start things off:

  1. We have a new visual look for our site! Nothing fancy, but it beats the default WordPress layout, right :) ? Still waiting on a better header image…
  2. We’re tentatively setting our weekly meetings to be Wednesdays in CL3 at 4:30 PM. CL3 is found in the Uris Library (clocktower) by entering the front door, then going down the stairs to the left; CL3 will be the first door on your left. Hope to see you there as we plan this year’s events!
  3. We will be at ClubFest 2008 this Sunday, August 31st, from 1 to 4 PM in Barton Hall. Drop by if you’re interested in talking to club leadership about the DGA!
  4. Walker White, the Faculty Advisor for the DGA and the official Director of GDIAC, would like to announce that he is sponsoring TWO independent game projects this semester.  They would count as CS 4999, which gives credit hours (but not much else). He needs any proposals for projects by Wednesday, September 10th.  These proposals need to include:
    - Everyone on the team and their roles (producer, lead programmer, artist, etc.)
    - The game “pitch”.
    - The (short) outline for what will be presented for
    - Gameplay Prototype
    - Technical Prototype
    - Alpha Complete
    - Beta Complete
    - Final ReleaseAgain, he will accept the two most interesting proposals. Whether he believes that you can complete the milestones outlined will factor heavily into his choice. Good luck with your proposals!

That’s all for now! Be sure to stay tuned for more gaming events in the coming weeks!


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