Jason Rohrer at NYU (EDIT: April 11th)

Hi all,

So if you’re into the “games as art” scene much, you may have heard of the game Passasge. It’s an effort to use game mechanics as a way to communicate the stages of life. It’s made by a guy named Jason Rohrer, who has recently come out with another “art” game as well. Check it out if you’re interested.

Now, I can’t confirm this via other sources (though Jonathan Blow has quoted the Game Design Advance post), but apparently he’ll be speaking at the NYU Tisch building EDIT: APRIL 11 at 1 PM. If you’re heading out a bit early for Spring Break you might want to stop in to meet him and hear his thoughts on making games. Enjoy!


EDIT: Sorry all for the incorrect date! The talk will be April 11th, it seems.

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