Meeting Time Change!

Hi all,
Due to a few requests, we’re going to try having the weekly DGA planning meeting at 4:30 PM for awhile (pushed up by 1 hour). Hope you can make it to the new time!

Double Events this weekend: Noyes Gaming and Relay for Life Halo 3 Tournament!

Hi all,
The DGA is proud to bring you not one, but two excellent gaming socials this coming weekend! Here are the details:
Noyes Community Center Gaming:
First week back from break got you tired? How about some Halo 3, Wii Sports, ROCK BAND, and Super Smash Brothers: Brawl to bring back the fun side of life? There [...]

Jason Rohrer at NYU (EDIT: April 11th)

Hi all,
So if you’re into the “games as art” scene much, you may have heard of the game Passasge. It’s an effort to use game mechanics as a way to communicate the stages of life. It’s made by a guy named Jason Rohrer, who has recently come out with another “art” game as well. Check [...]

Bungie Info Session on 3/10!!!

That’s right… Bungie (the studio that made the Halo series) is coming to Cornell. Sponsored by Tau Beta Pi, they’ll be giving an info session on what it’s like to be a game studio at the top of their game! Be sure to attend if you’re looking [...]

CS 280 Post Prelim Party!

Where: Olin 145
When: Tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 4th), starting at 8:30 PM
Who: All gamers, CS majors, and (of course), the students of CS 280
In conjunction with the ACSU, we’re putting on a post-prelim party tomorrow night in Olin 145! While the poor students who will be taking the prelim are those in the CS 280 [...]