Michael Mateas visit on Thursday

Just a reminder: Michael Mateas, an Assistant Professor of CS at UC Santa Cruz, will be giving a talk on “expressive AI” as part of the Cornell CS department’s Colloquium. He is at the forefront of research into how to create realistic and meaningful characters in video games and other applications. As real-time graphical innovations reach a plateau, the area of AI in games will become increasingly important for creating engaging experiences in the future.

As part of his work, Michael Mateas created the experimental game Facade with Andrew Stern. If you’ve never played Facade, I heartily recommend downloading it and playing for free. It demonstrates several advanced technologies for games, such as natural language processing (you say what you want and the game understands), “drama management”, and two autonomous AI characters, Trip and Grace. You can download Fa├žade from the following location:
http://interactivestory.net/ .

For more information on the talk, please visit:

For more information on Michael Mateas, please visit his site at:

Hope to see you there!

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