Forums Reborn

So after a quiet funeral for the old forum, I worked tirefully to recreate the boards, bigger, badder, and with more attitude than ever. Hop on over to to keep up to date with the discussion within DGA.
Or spambots will infiltrate us once again. Either way my blood must be shed.

8.28.2007 Minutes available

Looking for the nitty gritty on what happened at meeting the 1st for Fall 2007? I’ve got it for ya right here: DGA 8.29.2007 Meeting Minutes

Michael Mateas visit on Thursday

Just a reminder: Michael Mateas, an Assistant Professor of CS at UC Santa Cruz, will be giving a talk on “expressive AI” as part of the Cornell CS department’s Colloquium. He is at the forefront of research into how to create realistic and meaningful characters in video games and other applications. As real-time graphical innovations [...]

DGA Meetings for Fall 2007

Hi all,
If you’re looking to learn what the DGA will be doing this coming semester, then be sure to drop in on our first meeting for the fall! We’ve moved the meeting time from Monday at 5:30 PM to Tuesday at 5:00 PM, so mark your calendar. We’ll be discussing our goal for keeping game [...]

Forums locked

Ok, so sorry to lock them for now, but there’s too many spam-bots attacking the phpBB forums. We’re looking into ways to correct this issue ASAP. Until then, feel free to comment on News entries if you have a suggestion or something to say to the DGA.
-Ben (aka CloudStrifeNBHM)