Fall 2007 is coming!

The site’s been getting minor information updates as summer moves right along. As GDIAC is changing for the coming semester, the DGA is looking to help keep game design healthy at Cornell. This coming fall, here’s what we’re hoping to have coming for you:

Rhythm Games Club + Wii!: We’ll be keeping up the Wii station at this weekly event on North Campus in RPCC. Together with the DDR/Rhythm Games/”Flailing Games” club, we’re glad to offer this excellent way to unwind after a long week of classes. You don’t have to be a master dancer or guitarist (or… Wiimotist?); just brave the construction and lengthy walk to North and join us!

Game Design Speakers: With video game companies and the industry growing larger every year, sometimes we forget that there’s real, interesting people hard at work on the titles that we love to play. We’re hoping to have up to 3 speakers from various parts of the games industry come to Cornell and tell us all about their jobs, their lives, and their passion: making games.

Cornell Game Development: Even though the game courses may not be offered in Fall 2007, that’s not going to stop the students from making them anyways! We hope to encourage the forming of and communication between the various students who want to make games this coming semester.

And remember… we’re looking for motivated students to help the DGA to achieve these goals both now and in the coming semesters. Come by a weekly meeting once the semester starts to talk to us about how you would like to help (meeting time on the events page… it may change for the fall).

-Ben, aka CloudStrifeNBHM

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