A Summer Approaches, Command?

Those of us who are lucky enough to not have final exams can sit back and laugh. Exam season has begun, and with it, the pain and anguish of 12,000 people can be felt throughout the campus.

Ah pain. Ah anguish.

Soon to come is the summer with its various opportunities for misdeeds. On behalf of the DGA, we wish you a happy summer: game away!

In another note: Our forums seems to have been taken over by spambots. Roll fortitude to avoid being overrun please.



  1. Yeah, I noticed… I asked Mars if I could have administrative privileges to clean them up… and I think he tried, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. Ah well, I’ll bug him about it again I guess. I do want the site looking prettier and starting to be used for the fall.

  2. Ok, so Mars says that we’re admins now… and it seems so. Unfortunately, deleting posts is SLOW as it looks like you have to actually navigate into the post, say you want to delete, confirm that you want to delete, then do it again for each and every spam.

    Let’s hope there’s a better way… I’ll look into it.

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